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Why can't the car charger be charged? Is it sticking all the time?

The reason why the car charger can't charge

1. Unstable voltage during charging causes no charging

When powering on and charging, mobile phones or other smart electronic products generally start charging monitoring and testing procedures. If the program detects that the on-board charging voltage is unstable, charging is prohibited. When using a dock charger, there will be no program for testing. It is recommended to use the USB port of the car audio computer system to charge, regardless of whether it is a line charger or a dock charger.

2. Check whether the car charger parameters meet the charging requirements

Check the output voltage and current of the car charger to see if it supports your own digital products. Some parameters do not match. For example, if a car charger with an output current of 1A charges a tablet, it will not be charged. This is caused by insufficient current and needs to be replaced with a high-power car charger.

3. Check whether the contacts of the car charger are in good contact

The contact design of some car chargers is unreasonable, and the phenomenon of poor contact will occur during driving, which leads to the fact that it is not charged after reaching the destination.

4. The power supply of the cigarette lighter itself is not normal

If you replace multiple car chargers, mobile phones, etc., you cannot use the car charger to charge normally in your car. At this time, check whether your car's fuse is defective.

5. The quality of the charger itself

Nowadays, there are many brands of car power supplies on the market, good and bad products, and the price gap is large. If you buy a fake or inferior product, it will not only fail to charge, but it is also likely to burn out car fuses and digital products, and may even endanger your personal safety. When buying a car charger, you must pay attention to choosing a safe and secure smart car charger!

Is the car charger always plugged in?

I believe that many car owners and friends will use car chargers to expand the resource-stricken USB interface in the car, and will always plug the car charger into the cigarette lighter interface when using it. But can the car charger always be plugged into the cigarette lighter interface? Do I need to pull it out when not in use? There has always been a lot of controversy. Then I will answer your questions next.

Will you lose power if you don’t unplug the car charger battery?

It is circulated on the Internet that the cigarette lighter of some vehicles is still energized after the car is powered off. If the car charger is not unplugged, it may cause the battery to lose power.

Anyone who knows enough about body electrical appliances knows how the cigarette lighter interface can still be powered after a power failure. Even if you step back 10,000 steps, even if it is powered on, as long as the cigarette lighter is not connected to the electrical equipment, its own power consumption is minimal, and it is not enough to cause the battery to lose power. So the above point is illogical.

Will it be damaged when the car is started without unplugging the car charger?

There is also a saying that if the car charger is not unplugged, the excessive and unstable current will damage the car charger when the vehicle is started. Of course, this statement is not unreasonable. In the early stage of the development of car chargers, due to the lack of manufacturing and design levels, damage will occur. This is also the origin of "plugging in before flameout, plugging in after activation". With the continuous development and improvement of product technology, the current car chargers on the market have corresponding overload protection mechanisms, which will not cause damage.

Therefore, not unplugging the on-board charger when not in use will not affect the vehicle or the charger itself.