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What types of wireless chargers are there?

What kinds of wireless chargers are there

1. Desktop wireless charger

There is no wire winding, simple and beautiful, looks comfortable, and has a higher quality of life;

Don't need to plug and unplug frequently, just put it on and charge it, convenient and fast, so that your phone will never run out of power;

Don't worry about the incompatibility of the charging connector, wireless chargers that support Qi and other standards can be charged;

There is no risk of electric shock when answering the phone when charging, completely avoiding the safety problem, and you can answer the phone at any time;

Make the life of the battery work longer, because the battery is discharged and charged, the battery is not short of electricity, and the battery life is longer;

No wired interface is required, many products can be made into fully enclosed waterproof products.

2. Car wireless charger

The car wireless charger is convenient and fast, and it can be charged at any time without plugging or unplugging, which is helpful for our driving safety.

3. Portable wireless charger

The portable wireless charger has a compact design and is easy to carry.

4. Embedded wireless charger

The inlaid wireless charger is simple, convenient, reliable, and can be installed on all furniture, whether you are working in a company office, watching dramas at home, dining in a hotel restaurant, or leisure and entertainment in a cafe, if the wireless charger is embedded on the table, It can be charged at any time to solve the winding problem.

Car wireless chargers and inlaid wireless chargers are a good choice for those traveling with cars. In addition to charging their own mobile phones, they are also convenient for fixing and making calls.

Desktop wireless chargers and portable wireless chargers are a good choice for friends at home or traveling. It solves the frequency that the traditional data cable is constantly plugged and unplugged and the USB is broken, and it also solves the frequency that the traditional charger data cable is lost.