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What are the advantages of wireless phone charging?

When it comes to wireless charging, Samsung mobile phones have been used for a long time. Since the Galaxy S6, Samsung's flagship mobile phones have supported wireless charging. Since last year, iPhone and some domestic flagship mobile phones have also begun to add wireless charging functions to mobile phones, so what is the use of wireless charging?

Here I want to introduce first, it is wireless charging. In fact, it is different from the imagined wireless. At present, it is necessary to purchase a wireless charging pad (a product from a high-quality wireless charging factory) separately, and then the mobile phone can be wirelessly charged on the charging pad. Some friends may ask, is there any difference between this and the wired one? In fact, the advantages of wireless charging are still great. The first is that you can use the fragmented time to charge your mobile phone. Compared with the previous need to plug in the power cord every time, this kind of charging is easy to put on, and it is more convenient to use it when you pick it up.

If you are a person who often uses a mobile phone, and the mobile phone still needs to be charged, then wireless charging is very convenient, eliminating the need to repeatedly plug and unplug the charging cable, avoiding damage to the rear plug of the mobile phone, and there will be no complicated lines on the table. In addition, not only mobile phones support wireless charging, but many other products are also following up, including toothbrushes, electric shavers, etc. One charging pad can charge many devices.

Of course, it is convenient but also has disadvantages, that is, the charging speed is slower than the mainstream fast charging, and the maximum power is about 15W.