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The role of the car charger

The car charger is an accessory that is convenient to use the car power supply to charge digital products anytime, anywhere. It is conventionally used for car battery (car 12V, truck 24V) to supply power. It is widely used in the field of lithium battery charging for various portable and handheld devices, such as: mobile phones, PDAs, GPS, etc.; car chargers must consider the actual needs of lithium battery charging (constant voltage CV, constant current CC, overvoltage protection OVP) , and also take into account the harsh environment of the car battery (transient peak voltage, system switching noise interference, EMI, etc.); therefore, the power management IC selected for the car charging solution must meet the following requirements: high voltage resistance, high efficiency, high reliability, low frequency ( Conducive to EMI design) switching power supply chip.

Car Charger Application

The car charger is an accessory that is convenient for car owners to charge digital products anytime and anywhere with the car power supply. Some high-end car chargers generally include two USB ports, which can charge two digital products at the same time. Such products generally have overload protection, short circuit protection, high voltage input protection, high temperature protection, and quadruple safety protection functions to ensure safe use. The car charger can be used at home as well as in the car, realizing the three-in-one multi-functional purpose of car charger, direct charge and USB charge.

Features: Versatility, Portability, Fashion, Safety

With the development of the automobile industry, car chargers are widely used, showing the characteristics of versatility, portability and fashion. In the market, the more influential car chargers include MiLiUniversalCharge and other products. This product's unique power management solution, with an output current of 1A, is the fastest USB charger in the world.

Versatility: This car charger is equipped with four AC adapters of American, British, Austrian and European standards; it integrates car charger, direct charge, and USB charger to meet charging under different conditions; dual USB The output interface can charge multiple electronic products. And this product is also the first charger in the world to charge the iPad. It takes about 4 hours to charge the iPad, and you can take the iPad for a ride. Portability: Portability is a major trend in the development of electronic products today. MiLiUniversalCharger adopts a unique folding car charger design, condensing the product volume to 6.9×5.6×3.1cm, which is extremely convenient to carry around.

Fashion: For the high-end consumer group of car owners, the fashion of car chargers is also valued by manufacturers. Generally using ABS material and using piano paint technology, it is not only fashionable and exquisite, but also feels very good.

The car charger uses the car cigarette lighter as a power outlet to directly charge the mobile phone. Since the voltage provided by the car is low, only an overload protection circuit is required inside the car charger. The front end of the car charger socket is designed with a fuse tube. When the current exceeds the acceptable range of the overload protection circuit, the fuse will be blown immediately to play a protective role. Note: It can only be charged when the car engine is started! Here are some more notes about car chargers:

1. Do not use the car charger in a humid environment

2. Do not store the car charger in a humid environment

3. The suitable temperature for use is 0-45℃

4. Keep away from children

5. Avoid lightning strikes

6. Pull out the plug in time after charging

Therefore, for safety reasons, you must buy regular brands and buy genuine products. Poor quality products are prone to safety hazards. There are two types of car chargers: direct charging and cradle charging. You can choose to buy a cradle charger, that is, remove the battery to charge, to avoid the phenomenon of burning the phone due to unstable vehicle power supply and high voltage output peak. There are a variety of car chargers available on the market. If you choose to buy online, you must go to the official website to buy. The better websites include Jingdong Mall, Dangdang.com and Qiqi.com. The first two are large-scale comprehensive malls, while Qiqi.com is currently the largest and most professional online car accessories store. .