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The best way to clean the USB port of the charger

In addition to the poor contact caused by the inelastic shrapnel, the USB charging port  is also caused by rust and oily sludge. It accumulates in frequent use, and eventually the charging becomes slower, or the port is overheated and the electronic components are burned out. The following methods can be tried, but the power must be turned off.

1.Observe the dirt of the USB, take a charger with rust and putty on the USB port as an example.

2.Soak the lemon juice on the cotton swab.

3.Suck a little bit, don't suck it full.

4.Use a hook to hook down some, insert the cotton wool into the USB port, and then continue to pull the cotton wool.

5.Tick out the dirty cotton wool.

6.Put the dry cotton wool in again, soak up the remaining things.

7.Use a little more cotton wool to soak up some alcohol.

8.After squeezing out the alcohol, put it into the USB port again. The standard for squeezing is that no alcohol liquid is visible on the cotton wool, but it feels wet.

9.Continue to scratch, and it's enough to finish.

10.The final result is very clean, and the charging will be faster.