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Rumors about mobile phone charging

Nowadays, mobile phones have become the most important portable tool for people to communicate with the outside world. They are most afraid of running out of power when they are away. The surprise at the moment when they finally find the charging port is more exciting than winning the lottery. People are accustomed to picking up chargers with the same interface to charge their mobile phones, so can the chargers of different brands of mobile phones be used together?

At present, the standard chargers in the mobile phone packaging basically use modern charging management technology, that is, it can output the corresponding current according to the information provided by the mobile phone, and generally does not cause harm.Although the non-original charger can correspond to the interface, if the charging current is different, the charging effect will be greatly reduced, and it may even cause other adverse reactions. When the fast charging protocol supported by the charger and the mobile phone do not match, the fast charging mode cannot be entered, which will cause low-power charging and require more time to fully charge. Therefore, when choosing a charger, it is best to choose a charger that matches the phone itself.

When the mobile phone is charged with a non-original charger, it is normal for the battery to occasionally heat up slightly, but if the battery is obviously hot, it means that the charger has not detected the battery charging saturation in time, and overcharge has occurred, which will affect the health of the battery and life expectancy.

There are many kinds of charging devices on the market, and there are also many rumors about mobile phone charging.

Rumor 1: Must use the original charger?

Many people think that it is safest to use original chargers for mobile phone chargers. This idea is correct, but it is not necessary to use original ones. As long as the charger is compatible with the mobile phone and has passed the certification, it can also be used rechargeable.

Rumor 2: Recharge when the battery is almost out?

The current mobile phone charging is lithium-ion battery, there is no memory effect, if the mobile phone is recharged with no electricity, it will damage the chemical activity inside the lithium-ion battery. When the power of the mobile phone drops below 20%, it will even shut down automatically. This will damage the battery to a great extent, causing problems such as slow charging and reduced battery life, so there is no need to wait for the mobile phone to run out of power before charging.

Rumor 3: Can you continue to charge when charging is hot?

Some mobile phones are charged until they are half hot. This phenomenon can actually be felt by touch. If it is not normal and continuous hot, it is recommended to stop charging. Although the mobile phone has a protection mechanism, it is exposed to excessive temperature for a long time. It will affect the battery life of the mobile phone and shorten the battery life of the mobile phone.

Rumor 4: Turning off the background can save power?

Many people think that closing the background can save power. In fact, closing the background that has not been used for a long time will indeed reduce some of the power consumption, but some software that is opened more frequently does not need to clean the desk. Reopening will not save power , even more power consumption.