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Regarding the car charger, you also need to know...

Car charger refer to conventional car charger powered by car batteries (12V for cars, 24V for trucks), which are widely used in the field of lithium battery charging for various portable and handheld devices. Such as: mobile phones, PDAs, GPS, etc.; car chargers must not only consider the actual needs of lithium battery charging (constant voltage CV, constant current CC, overvoltage protection OVP), but also take into account the harsh environment of the car battery (transient peak voltage, System switching noise interference, EMI, etc.); therefore, the power management IC selected for the car charging solution must also meet: high-voltage, high-efficiency, high-reliability, and low-frequency (conducive to EMI design) switching power supply chips.

Where are the positive and negative poles of the car charger?

The middle contact of the car cigarette lighter is positive, and the outer contact is negative. The middle contact of the car cigarette lighter holder is also the positive electrode, and the outer ring-shaped contact piece is the negative electrode.

The elastic head in the middle of the car charger is positive, and the buckles on both sides are negative.

Is there no need to use car chargers for models with USB ports?

Many cars are equipped with USB ports, and then car owners will no longer buy car chargers to charge their devices. This approach is wrong. Because the rated current input by the vehicle interface will directly affect the charging of the device. The rated power of the input current of the USB interface on the vehicle is only 5A/0.5A. If the charging requirements of some devices cannot be reached at this time, the device will be damaged.

Will the multi-port car charger charge very slowly?

We know that some factors that affect the speed of charging depend on whether the voltage is stable, not on the number of connected devices. So this statement is wrong. And if we choose the car charger, we must also choose a formal one, and the quality is guaranteed to a certain extent. In fact, the most effective method is to see if the device is fully charged quickly when charging. If the charging is slow and the device will become hot, it means that the quality of the car charger you bought is not good and you need to replace it quickly.

The details that should be paid attention to when choosing a car charger:

1. Look at the shell material

When choosing a car charger, the first thing to consider is the material it is made of. At present, plastic and metal materials are the main ones on the market. Plastic materials are divided into flame-retardant and non-flame-retardant materials. Flame-retardant materials can prevent fire accidents and better protect cars and digital equipment. Even if the price of non-flame-retardant plastic materials is cheap, they must be carefully considered.

2. Look at the fuse

Generally speaking, a standard car charger is generally composed of a fuse, a chip, a contact, a shell, and several capacitors and inductors. But it is not ruled out that some businesses will cut corners, such as reducing the parts of the fuse, so when choosing, be sure to see whether there is a fuse in the internal structure.

3. Look at the USB interface

With the increase of digital products, a car charger with a USB interface can no longer meet our needs, so is it possible to prepare a car charger with many interfaces? Try not to do this as much as possible. The more charging devices on the car charger, the greater the possibility of an accident. Therefore, it is sufficient to choose a car charger with two USB ports. It is not recommended to choose a charger with more than two USB ports. 

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