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Precautions for the use of wireless chargers and the impact on mobile phones

The progress of human society is inseparable from the efforts of all walks of life in society, and the upgrading of various electronic products is inseparable from the efforts of our designers. In fact, many people do not understand the composition of electronic products, such as wireless charging. The use of chargers allows many electronic devices to operate normally. Without chargers, our lives will be troubled to a certain extent. In order to improve everyone's understanding of the charger, this article will introduce the wireless charger related content, mainly to analyze whether the wireless charger is harmful to the mobile phone and explain the precautions for the use of the wireless charger.

Is wireless charger harmful to mobile phone

Under normal circumstances, the wireless charger will not damage the phone. The current working frequency of wireless charging is below 1M, so it will not affect the signal of the mobile phone. Wireless charging will not affect the battery life of the phone. It is basically the same as wired charging, but the rate is lower, but the conversion rate of the wireless charger is still high, which can save more energy. Wireless chargers mainly use inductive coupling technology. Since the coupling technology mainly generates current through the magnetic field of the coil, the internal components of the battery cannot form a magnetic field, so the internal structure of the battery will not be damaged during the energization process. At present, most mobile phones on the market conform to the QI wireless charging standard and have a built-in wireless receiver with a rated voltage and current, so the wireless charger has no effect on the mobile phone.

Precautions for the use of wireless chargers

1. Please choose the original or 3C certified product of the charging plug

As an electrical product, it is recommended to use the plug produced by the original factory, firstly because it is specially developed for your mobile phone, which can guarantee the charging speed, and secondly, it can guarantee the safety. In addition, other 3C products with the same parameters as the original plug can also be used with confidence. The 3C-certified products have safety requirements from design to production, and safety is guaranteed. Since the use of inferior chargers can cause explosions and hurt people, please choose the original or 3C certified products of the charging plug.

2.Is the charging cable correct?

The same is true for charging cables. It is best to use the original charging cable. The core material in the charging cable, the diameter of the wire and the material of the metal contact of the charging interface will all determine the amount of current that can be transmitted. After the anatomy, the diameter of the inferior charging cable is obviously smaller than the national standard value, and there is no insulating protective film inside. If you choose a low-quality charging cable, first of all, the insulation performance is poor, the current-carrying current is small, the charging speed will slow down, severely damage the battery, and even cause electric shock, fire and other accidents.

3. The first charge should not take too long

The first charge does not need to be fully charged within 12 hours. This is what the old battery needs to do. Current batteries are basically lithium batteries or polymer lithium batteries.

4. Number of recharges

There is a saying: Every mobile phone battery has a fixed amount of charge. If you charge too many times, it will accelerate the aging and fatigue of the battery! In fact, this is wrong. The number of recharges of a lithium battery refers to the time it takes to fully charge and discharge, so you can use it at any time.

5.Does the new phone need to be activated?

The new mobile phone needs to use up all the power in the mobile phone before charging, and the operation needs to be repeated 3-4 times. This is called activation. In the past, this was necessary for mobile phones, but now lithium batteries are no longer needed.

6. Play while charging

According to technical standards and company regulations, the phone should be safe when used with a wireless charger. Under normal circumstances, there is no problem in making and receiving calls while charging. However, the market is flooded with many low-quality chargers. Such chargers cannot meet safety requirements and are prone to dangers such as soft breakdown. Therefore, users are reminded not to buy too cheap chargers. It is best to buy a 3C-certified charger and charge it. Safety mark 3C on the device. Therefore, when using Sanwu products, you need to be vigilant when charging and playing with your mobile phone.

7. Charge more after fully charged

In the battery safety test experiment, it will continue to charge for 7 hours after being fully charged, and the output voltage will increase to 1.06 times the standard voltage. In addition, the battery itself has a protective circuit, so it will not cause danger and will not explode. However, if you use low-quality batteries, it is difficult to tell. Therefore, it is best to unplug the charger in time after fully charged.

Hope the above content can help you get a preliminary understanding of wireless chargers.