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Meipusen launches silicon carbide diodes for PFC circuits: 650V withstand voltage, 175 degrees temperature

Mapleson introduced the MSD06065V1 silicon carbide diode, which uses silicon carbide diodes in the gallium nitride fast charge PFC grade. It takes advantage of the extremely short reverse recovery time of silicon carbide diodes and the high-speed switching characteristics of gallium nitride to improve the switching of the PFC grade. Frequency, use a smaller size inductor to meet the output power. Thereby improving the power density of the adapter and meeting the small size requirements of high-power adapters.

Maplesson MSD06065V1 silicon carbide diode has a withstand voltage of 650V and a rated current of 6A. It is packaged in TO252, supports high-speed switching and high-frequency operation, and has a positive temperature coefficient voltage drop. Compared with silicon diodes, the efficiency can be improved in the full load range.

The Maxson silicon carbide diode has a maximum operating temperature of 175℃, and its thermal conductivity is several times that of silicon. It can reduce heat dissipation requirements and increase power. In charger applications, it can reduce heat dissipation and increase power density. It is suitable for switching power supplies and PFC , Motor drive and xenon lamp applications.

In the field of USB PD fast charging, the silicon carbide diode has been adopted by 100W gallium nitride fast charging and other products.

The performance of the third-generation semiconductors is undoubtedly beyond conventional silicon devices in terms of power density and switching frequency. Mapleson’s silicon carbide diodes are used in adapter applications, which can increase adapter operating frequency, reduce adapter volume, improve efficiency and increase power density. Enhance the competitiveness of adapter products, and the high heat resistance and high reliability of silicon carbide devices also improve the reliability of adapters.