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How to install and use the car charger

How to install the car charger:

1. Insert the USB power adapter into the cigarette lighter in the car (usually one in the cab and one in the luggage compartment), insert the plug (you have to insert it to the end, just hear the click), and the indicator light is on to charge. (Note that it can be charged only when the car engine is started)

 2. Use a USB cable and a conversion connector to connect a mobile phone, MP3 or standard USB interface product to the car USB power adapter to charge it.

 3. Please check the power consumption specifications of digital products before use to avoid overload.

How to use the car charger:

1. Insert the USB car charger into the car cigarette lighter and output DC voltage through the standard USB interface.

2. The electronic design parameters such as voltage and current are in full compliance with PDA mobile phone standards, and will not cause damage to your beloved machine.

3. Connect the USB data cable to power and charge various electronic products such as MP3/MP4, mobile phones, small speakers, Bluetooth, PSP and so on.

Safety precautions for the use of car chargers:

1. Do not charge when the vehicle is turned off (the battery of the car is used at this time)

2. It is forbidden to connect and charge when the vehicle is ignited (to prevent the device from being burnt out by the momentary high current when starting)

3. Try to minimize charging multiple devices at the same time, and try to avoid charging high-power devices (the load is too large)

What needs to be reminded is that there are many problems to pay attention to during the use of car chargers.

1. Recharge after starting. Note that after the engine is started, plug in the device to charge. When the car is ignited, the voltage is low, which will affect the charging effect and even damage the car charger.

2. Pay attention to the use environment. Do not use the car charger in thunderstorms; do not use it after washing the car. The high humidity in the car will easily cause corrosion and oxidation of the components.

3. To reduce the use of high power, do not supply more than three devices at the same time to prevent damage to the device due to excessive power.

4. Pull out the plug immediately after use.

When buying a car charger, you generally need to pay attention to the following issues:

1. Confirm the safety device: In addition to looking for the brand and not buying the Sanwu product, car owners should also understand whether the selected car charger shell meets the flame retardancy standard and whether it has an overcurrent protection device. Generally, a small car charger is probably not installed with over-current protection, so try to avoid buying it.

2. Choose well-known brands: Car owners should try their best to choose products from well-known brands and regular manufacturers when purchasing car chargers. Although the price will be relatively higher, the quality will be more guaranteed.

3. Don't blindly pursue high current: When the current is too large or there are too many interfaces, there may be more failures and dangerous situations. Therefore, when buying a car charger, it is best not to blindly pursue high current, multiple interfaces and charging. speed. In addition, some car chargers currently on the market still have false voltage and current standards, so you must pay attention to them when buying and using them.

4. Do not buy Sanwu products: Do not buy products with too low prices for cheap, and do not buy or use Sanwu products. Make sure that the product packaging has information such as production standards, factory name and address printed on the outer packaging of the product.

We only use the car charger correctly, and the product has a longer service life, especially for electronic products. Therefore, out of safety considerations, we must buy regular brands and purchase genuine, inferior products that are prone to safety hazards. In addition, when using it, be sure to follow the correct method.