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Do you know three things you should pay attention to when charging your mobile phone?

Nowadays, everyone has a mobile phone, and there may be many; and the dependence on mobile phones is also increasing, so that the power of mobile phones is often insufficient, and it needs to be charged several times a day. In the process of charging, we should pay attention to the following three matters, otherwise it will reduce the service life of the mobile phone.

First, it must be charged when the power is lower than 20%

When I first bought a mobile phone, everyone knew how to take good care of the mobile phone and know that the mobile phone will be charged when the power is used up to 20%; but after a few months, many people should forget to maintain it, thinking that it will be used when it is turned off or about 10%. to charge the phone. In fact, this charging method is wrong, which will greatly affect the service life of the mobile phone battery.

If you wait until the battery is too low to recharge, then it is equivalent to a "deep discharge" when it is fully charged, and the service life of the battery will be greatly shortened. As soon as you receive a charging message, it is best to charge the phone immediately; usually there will be a reminder when the power is 20%.

Second, the charging frequency is best controlled once a day

Although we can't do anything without a mobile phone now, this can't be a reason for our excessive use of mobile phones. It is best to play with your mobile phone less, because playing too much on a mobile phone will hurt your eyes and waste a lot of precious time. Repeated charging will also reduce the service life of your mobile phone. Wouldn’t it be too uneconomical to spend so much money for only one or two years? . Therefore, it is best not to charge it repeatedly every day, preferably once a day or two; do not play while charging, because it is not safe.

Third, do not mix chargers, it is best to use the official original charger

Nowadays, when you buy a mobile phone, you will be given a charger and a data cable. We'd better use the official original charger. Although many other brands of chargers can charge the same, but the difference is still very big. At present, there are three charging methods, traditional charging, fast charging and flash charging. If you use them together for a long time, the battery life of the mobile phone will be greatly reduced, and the battery life will become worse; so it is best not to mix them.