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Can the wireless charger be used on all mobile phones?

First of all, you must check whether your mobile phone supports wireless charging, and how many W wireless charging is supported. Generally, when we buy a mobile phone, we can ask the mobile phone manufacturer or check it in the manual. For example, Android mobile phone flagships in 2019 have basically begun to support wireless charging technology. Apple has already supported wireless charging since the iPhone 8 series.

Also worth noting is the output power conversion rate of wireless charging. After 10W wireless charging is converted, the general output power is between 5W-7W. So in fact, the wireless charging speed is not as fast as you think. Compared with the era when there was no fast charging, it is already very good. You must know that the iPhone 11 is also equipped with a 5W original charging head.

The advantages of mobile phone wireless charging. One is to get rid of the shackles of various mobile phone data lines: put the wireless charger on the table, you can put your mobile phone on it to replenish the battery when you are free, and pick it up when you want to use it. In this way, you can use fragmented time to charge every day, and avoid the trouble of finding wired chargers everywhere. Second, it makes mobile phone charging more comfortable. Nowadays, mobile phone wireless charging is actually the most suitable charging method for mobile phone lithium batteries. Because the characteristics of the lithium battery itself are suitable for charging and discharging, and the current wireless charging power of mobile phones can reach 30W, which is relatively fast, so the charging speed is not slow, and it does not take too long to fully charge.

Disadvantages of mobile phone wireless charging. Wireless charging does not rule out but also has some shortcomings, but also because of its charging characteristics. For heavy mobile phone users, they like to play with the mobile phone while charging. The wireless charger needs to be fixed on the table for use. Wireless charging is somewhat inconvenient at this point. And the wireless charger is inconvenient to carry, in addition to the charging head and the charging cable, you also need to bring a wireless charger. It’s not convenient to take it out because it’s much larger than a mobile phone. The wireless chargers you see are basically larger than a mobile phone with a base. In addition to being bulky and difficult to carry, they are also easy to be crushed and damaged. Or it is very easy to damage if you accidentally drop it when handling it. After all, it is large in size and highly vulnerable. Wired mobile phone chargers will not break easily.

So you can choose and use the wireless charger according to your actual situation.