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Can the mobile phone charger be used if it is flooded?

Take the iPhone charger as an example: the mobile phone charger cannot be used temporarily because the water and electricity will cause a short circuit to burn the device. You must use a hair dryer to dry it, or put it in a rice tank for two days.Also, put it in the indoor vent to dry, and wait for the phone to dry naturally.

This answer applies to mobile phone chargers of Apple, Huawei and other brands.

How to deal with the phone falling into the water:

1.It cannot be charged at this time. You can’t use the mobile phone after it gets wet. When the water has not been completely removed, charging the mobile phone may cause a short circuit in the internal components of the mobile phone, causing it to burn out other parts.

2.Do not dismantle randomly. When the mobile phone gets water, it will definitely affect the internal machinery of the mobile phone. At this time, the water removal work should be carried out, but if the mobile phone casing is opened, the precision parts will be exposed.At this time-be careful not to tamper with things on the circuit board to avoid damage to the motherboard. Take it to a professional repair shop for repairs.

3.Please use cold air to dehumidify. Compared with hot air, cold air is less efficient to remove water, but due to local high temperature, it is easy to melt and deform the circuit board components, making the charger unusable in the future.