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Can the car charger be universal?

Although the car also has a USB interface, it is actually impossible to charge electronic devices such as mobile phones. Therefore, car chargers are becoming more and more common. Can car chargers be universal? Although many people will choose a dedicated car charger for electronic products, what if you change to a mobile phone? So consider more, so car chargers are generally universal, but it still depends on the type of charger.

Can the car charger be universal? Generally speaking, it is possible. After all, you are not the only one to use the car, so the car charger can meet the electricity demand of more electronic products. However, it also depends on the equipment. The output voltage of the car charger where the car charger is inserted is DC (the battery of the car), which is between 12-24V. For example, some car chargers have several ports, each port The output current is different, you need to choose the interface according to the needs of the electronic product.

There are generally two types of car chargers currently on the market, one is 24V, the other is 12V, trucks are 24V, cars are 12V, of course, some products are compatible with 12V/24V, as long as the product is of good quality Basically it can be used safely, but you must choose according to your own car model when you buy it. If it doesn't match, you won't be able to use it.

Not only depends on the voltage, but also on the current. It must support your own electronic product parameters. For example, if a car charger with an output current of 1A is used to charge a tablet, it cannot be charged. This is caused by insufficient current and needs to be replaced by power car charger.

After purchasing a suitable car charger, it is also very convenient to use. Just find the cigarette lighter in the car (usually one in the cab and the trunk) and plug in the plug (plug it all the way, and set it to click. ). Then you can plug in the equipment you need to use electricity on the other end, and the LED indicator of the car charger lights up, indicating that it is in the charging state.