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Can mobile phone chargers be mixed?

Some people say that the most anxious thing in this era is not lack of money, but the phone’s "out of power" shutting down, as if it was instantly cut off from the whole world. At this time, no matter what charger it is, as long as it can be charged in and out of power, it is good charger. But is it really okay to mix mobile phone chargers?

Before answering questions, let's first understand the charging principle of mobile phones: the general rated voltage is 220V, but this voltage cannot directly charge the mobile phone. The charger can convert 220V high-voltage pulses into 5V low-voltage direct current, and form a loop through the data line to charge the mobile phone.

Who is affecting the charging effect? It can be seen from the charging principle: the charger, the data cable, and the mobile phone itself, these three parts will affect the charging effect. For the charger, within a safe range, its built-in smart chip can automatically identify and provide the current and voltage required by the mobile phone. For the data cable, the quality of the data cable should be good, otherwise not only the charging will be slow, but also the mobile phone will be damaged. For the mobile phone itself, there is an automatic circuit control system inside the mobile phone, which can protect the phone from over-current and over-voltage to prevent excessive current and voltage from entering and damaging the phone. It should be noted that: V/A represents the output power of the charger (for example, 5V/2A: the output power is 5V×2A=10W). The greater the output power of the charger, the faster the charging speed.

Will mixing chargers cause harm? High-current charger & low-current mobile phone: When a high-current charger is charging a low-current mobile phone, the high-power charger can adjust the voltage according to the specific situation and charge according to the maximum current of the mobile phone. For example, if a fast charging charger charges a mobile phone that does not support fast charging, the charger will recognize that the mobile phone cannot be fast charged, and adjust to the normal charging mode. Low-current charger & high-current mobile phone: The low-current charger charges mobile phones that support high current, and the charging effect is not good. If you use a low-power charger to charge a mobile phone that needs high-power charging, the charger must always work at full capacity. Not only the charging speed is slow, but the charger also heats up significantly. It is easy to cause the charger to age faster, so it is not recommended to use it frequently. Different charger brands/same power: Generally, chargers of the same specification and different brands can be mixed. Can be mixed, but not any charger, it must be a good quality brand charger. Inferior chargers, like inferior data cables, may cause problems such as unstable voltage and current during charging, exceeding the allowable range, and damage the phone.

Summary: We recommend that you use the original mobile phone charger, and the mobile phone charger from unknown sources should be carefully selected. If you don't carry the original charger, try to choose a branded charger with guaranteed quality and higher current than the mobile phone. In this way, mobile phone charging will be better and safer.