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Apple launched gallium nitride(GaN) fast charging

Recently, a piece of industry media has attracted the attention of us. In 2021, Apple will launch a high-power USB PD fast charge based on gallium nitride power devices. Compared with the current silicon-based chargers, this product is more bulky. Smaller, lighter, and more efficient.

Prior to this, we also paid attention to the further development of Apple's charging accessories. Let's talk with you about Apple's entry of GaN fast charging and what signals have been released.

Apple enters GaN fast charge

Since the charger is used as an option, most of Apple's existing power supply accessories are developed based on the previous generation of technology, whether in size or appearance, they are taking a calm route. As consumers are increasingly calling for miniaturization of chargers, and the ease of use of multi-port USB-C chargers has been recognized, Apple's charger product line seems a bit "cheap and old."

According to the volume comparison of Apple's existing products and adapters using GaN chips, this is also a topic that many manufacturers talk about. The advantages of adapters using GaN chips are obvious, which is half of existing products. Observed from us, the current reliability of GaN on adapters has been verified by the market, and Apple will almost certainly use GaN in its own adapter products to make the adapter smaller and lighter.

Gallium nitride (GaN) is a third-generation semiconductor material, its operating speed is 20 times faster than the old traditional silicon (Si) technology, and it can achieve three times higher power for cutting-edge fast charger products At the same time, it can achieve performance that far exceeds that of existing products. In the case of the same size, the output power is increased by three times.

In 2020, 10 mobile phone manufacturers have launched 18 gallium nitride fast chargers. OPPO, Realme, Xiaomi, Nubia, Samsung, Lenovo, Nuts, and ZTE have all entered the gallium nitride fast charging market and launched a wide range of products. For a while, the market became very lively. Apple, which is usually at the forefront of the industry, suddenly fell behind in the GaN fast charge.

DELL launched 90W high-power gallium nitride fast charge

GaN fast charging is driven by mobile phone brands and third-party brands. There are hundreds of 20W-120W GaN fast charging products with a wide range of styles. In addition, notebook computer manufacturers have also entered the gallium nitride fast charging market, especially with high power of 65W and above. Representative brands include Lenovo, Asus, Dell, and Xiaomi.

According to the growth rate of the market, GaN fast charging has exceeded 100% compound growth, or even higher. The combination of gallium nitride and fast charging is a combination of left and right. Breakthroughs in upstream research and development, mobile phone and notebook manufacturers are optimistic about fast charging applications, and consumers are willing to pay for the products.

Although Apple has not launched gallium nitride fast charging, it has to be said that Apple's promotion of the industry is crucial.

As we all know, the new models of iPhone12 Pro, iPhone12 Pro Max, iPhone12, and iPhone12 mini only include an iPhone, a USB-C to Lightning fast charging data cable, and a manual, just like the introduction in the press conference. Similarly, for the sake of environmental protection, Apple has reduced carbon emissions. In the iPhone 12 series, the charger is no longer included in the package as a standard item.

Apple’s philosophy is environmental protection, facing billions of repeated accessories, and for Apple’s goal of reducing more carbon emissions, starting from October 2020, all iPhones on sale no longer include chargers.

Eliminating the inclusion of chargers and earphones reduces the weight and size of the iPhone box, allowing 70% more iPhones to be loaded on the shipping pallet, reducing the carbon emissions generated by the iPhone to consumers in different locations around the world by 2 million per year Tons, which is equivalent to reducing 450,000 cars on the road.

Looking at Apple's impact on fast charging from big data

Mobile phone chargers turned out to be a standard one-to-one market with mobile phones. Apple created a precedent for not sending chargers, followed by many manufacturers. If Apple enters the GaN fast charge, how big a cake will it bring to the market? Below we analyze the annual shipments of Apple’s iPhone and MacBook.


We have inquired a number of mobile phone shipment data for 2020, and Apple's shipment volume is firmly among the top five in the world. In the Q3 quarter of 2020, according to data from Canalys, an international market research organization, Apple shipped 43.2 million units in the third quarter of this year. Compared with other Android mobile phone brands, the unit price of Apple iPhone is much higher, and users will be more willing to purchase personalized accessories.

The lack of chargers for Apple iPhone 12 has led to a surge in demand from third-party charging head manufacturers, and dozens of companies have launched a hot-selling 20W mini PD fast charging charger. According to the sales data we obtained from the e-commerce platform, there are already a number of third-party 20W PD fast charging models that have sold more than 100,000 units in 30 days.

Accompanied by this, chip shortages occur from time to time every year, and this year is particularly significant. Since entering the second half of the year, the supply and demand of chips in various fields has been very tight, and Apple's power chips have also been out of stock. Since the launch of the iPhone 12, the shortage of chips has spread in the field of consumer power supplies, and the delivery time of the charger factory has been as long as 45-60 days, and it has become more and more intense.

It is conceivable that Apple is still not equipped with a standard charger for the iPhone 12. In the future, devices such as iPhone 13 and iPad will also be added to the environmental protection of science and technology. By then, the supply of upstream chips and foundries will enter a new round of tension.

According to the latest data released by the market research organization Strategy Analytics, in the third quarter of this year, Apple shipped 6 million notebooks, an increase of 1.7 million from the 4.3 million in the same period last year, a 39% increase year-on-year. Apple's M1 processor with its own macOS operating system will become a strong challenger to the existing Wintel alliance.

Research data from IDC shows that in 2020, the Chinese PC market affected by the epidemic will be like a roller coaster. In the first quarter of 2020, the Chinese PC market fell by 28.1% year-on-year, but the year-on-year growth in the following three quarters was about 10%. What will happen in 2021? IDC China Assistant Vice President Wang Jiping believes that China’s PC market is expected to grow by 10.7% in 2021, continuing to maintain a strong momentum.

Among them, in the field of notebook computers, the general environment that drives growth such as special online class notebooks for primary and middle school students, large-screen notebook screens, and the classification and integration of game notebooks.

Recently, JD.com and us jointly released the sales ranking of popular gallium nitride chargers. The data comes from the sales of JD APP in November. This is the first time JD.com has disclosed the sales ranking of 65W gallium nitride fast charging products in the single product market. Authoritative data.

Since Apple cancelled the standard charger for mobile phones, Xiaomi and Samsung have followed suit, and the cancellation of the standard charger for mobile phones has gradually become an industry trend. This move by mobile phone manufacturers has also promoted the development of the multi-port GaN fast charging accessory market and has become the mainstream.