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Apple iPhone 12 series packaging without charger, so demand for third-party charging head manufacturers soars

iPhone 12 cancelled the standard charger

When Apple announced that the iPhone 12 series mobile phones and all iPhone models on the official website would no longer come with chargers, the entire fast charging industry was shaken. From fast-charging chip manufacturers and solution providers to fast-charging factories and brand vendors, they experienced unprecedented business opportunities.

Apple’s official website wrote: “The iPhone product line will no longer come with power adapters and EarPods, which are often idle accessories, and will instead come with the increasingly needed USB-C to lightning fast charging cable. The product packaging will Therefore, it becomes smaller, and the number of products that can be shipped at a time is correspondingly increased, so that the overall number of shipments will be reduced. At the same time, we are also pushing manufacturer partners to switch to renewable energy. All these measures can reduce more than 2 million tons per year Carbon emissions."

Before the release of the iPhone 12 series of mobile phones, Apple already had 10 mobile phones that support USB PD fast charging, but as many as 8 of them are equipped with 5W chargers as standard, and only two models are equipped with 18W PD fast charging as standard. , The demand for PD fast charging in the original accessory market has been relatively strong.

Today, Apple has 14 iPhone models that support USB PD fast charging, and the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max and seven iPhone SE, iPhone 11, and iPhone XR are on sale on Apple’s official website. The models are no longer equipped with standard chargers. This will lead to an imbalance in the market supply and demand in the short term, which will trigger third-party 20W PD fast charging accessories to get together and even blowout.

According to a report in Southern Metropolis Weekly, some charger factories said that after Apple's release, the demand for chargers on various online shopping e-commerce platforms has skyrocketed. Thousands of charger factories are rushing to manufacture chargers, and their sales have increased by 70% compared to July.

It can be seen that in the face of the cake thrown by Apple, domestic charger manufacturers have already taken action, and have followed up the product line of 20W PD fast charging, in order to welcome this wave of dividends brought by iPhone 12 and do enough ready.