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About the working principle and development prospects of wireless chargers supplier

The popular understanding of wireless charger is a charger that does not need to use a traditional charging cable to connect to a terminal device that needs to be charged. It adopts a novel wireless charging technology and transmits electrical energy by using a magnetic field between coils. It is understood that wireless charging technology has obtained 20 patents as early as 2007, and it is only a matter of time before wireless charging replaces limited charging in the future.

First of all, let's understand the working principle of wireless chargers. Smart wireless chargers use the principle of electromagnetic induction and can directly transmit power without contact. Compared with wired chargers, the advantages can be imagined. Nowadays, many big companies (such as Intel, apple, sony, etc.) are doing hot research, so it is just around the corner for smart wireless charging to replace physical direct charging.

I believe that wireless charging will greatly improve our lives. After the successful promotion of wireless chargers in the future, people do not need to worry about carrying data cables with them, because in our lives, leisure, office, and dining are all Shared wireless chargers can be used anywhere, and can be charged anytime.

Throughout today's electronic market, lithium batteries and other electronic products have not made very bright breakthroughs in battery technology. Ordinary batteries can no longer meet the power needs of most users, and the current mobile power chargers on the market are providing The product also needs a data cable when charging. Not only that, but the capacity of the mobile power supply is also limited. The emergence of wireless chargers will solve the charging problem of mobile electronic products. In the future, with the improvement of wireless charging outlets, wireless chargers can be applied range will be greatly improved.